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Fresh Produce & Much More

Farmers Market

Farmers Market

One of the highlights in Santa Cruz is the local farmer’s market which gives visitors a chance to see and taste the incredible variety of Chile’s farm-fresh produce and food products.

The farmers bring in local seasonal produce including all types of vegetables and fruits. The stands seem to go on forever and in between all of the produce, you’ll find seafood vendors selling a variety of local fresh fish, clams and mussels (even ceviche!). Also, there are many specialty items like dried fruits and nuts, plants, clothes & shoes and home accessories.

If you’re hungry and want to try some of the traditional foods in Chile, you can buy freshly made empanadas and pork kabobs just off the grill. This is considered lunch for many of the locals.

The market opens at 9am so it’s best to go early to get the freshest produce and seafood.

The market moves to different locations around town during the week which makes it very convenient for the residents in the area.

The cost for produce is much cheaper than what you find in the supermarkets and the quality exceptional.